While Tanzania is widely acknowledged as the foremost African Safari destination, fewer people know it is also the most bio-diverse country in mainland Africa. The natural history enthusiast can combine this unparalleled diversity with the classical safari experience to produce the ultimate Natural history safari.

Seeking Tanzania’s most iconic fauna and flora, our natural history tours reach some of Tanzania’s most remote and least visited corners. We often explore the forest-crowned Eastern Arc Mountains, seeking African violets, endemic birds, and Africa’s rarest primates. Night walks reveal Cryptic Chameleons, Colourful frogs, and Bushbabies. The bTheroad meandering river valleys and expansive papyrus stands are the home of Puku and Sitatunga antelopes, Shoebills, and endemic weaver species. At the same time, coastal forests hide diminutive duikers, Elephant shrews, and Tree Hyrax. These areas offer true scenic splendor and are far from the trodden path, and we enjoy them in solitude.