A Matembezi safari is a journey of discovery, and the accommodation choices for a safari form an integral part of the experience. We might opt to camp off the beaten track, with time spent around the fire, listening to the primal sounds of the African night. Or maybe sleep in a luxurious room overlooking expansive views and herds of wildlife; we choose accommodations that keep us connected to the wild and allow us to experience the tastes and smells of the wilderness.

We will consider your interests, the season, wildlife movements and habits, and the ambiance and style of a lodge or a tented camp. We aim to create a perfect mix for your safari. The accommodation choices primarily allow excellent wildlife encounters and become a significant part of the safari experience.

  • Gary Katz , Australia
    It was an enriching experience to have stayed in the Serengeti Mobile Camp. The team could not have been more welcoming and hospitable. The camp was exceptional!
    Gary Katz , Australia
  • Andreas Bucalossi , France
    The Serengeti Mobile Camp is a real Gem. You really maximized the potential of the African Experience.
    Andreas Bucalossi , France
  • Gilles Mahler , Belgium
    The Serengeti Mobile Camp was our favorite part of our safari. The staff at the camp worked so hard to make us feel welcome and luxuriously comfortable. They were simply great
    Gilles Mahler , Belgium