Sometimes, we need a change of perspective to understand some of the mysteries hidden in the landscapes of Africa. The history of Africa is apparent in her ancient and wrinkled visage; only from the air can our view encompass this breath-taking tapestry in all its grandeur. Rugged fault lines, water-eroded canyons, salt-crusted lakeshores, meandering rivers, streams, and seasonal watercourses all mark the landscape like veins, carrying the land’s lifeblood. Game trails crisscross the open spaces like a delicate web laid over the ground. Only from these heights can we see the earth as it is, a singular living form.

In the Serengeti, we take off at sunrise to soar over the vast Serengeti Plains in the gondola of a hot-air balloon, offering a chance to view the famous wildebeest migration from the air. Scenic flights by a light aircraft will give you a bird’s eye perspective of the dramatic rift valley and volcanic highlands of Ngorongoro or over the myriad of reefs and sandbanks that dot the aquamarine waters of Zanzibar & Pemba. The ultimate freedom can be gained by helicopter, with the ability to land wherever we decide. Helicopters open up the ability to venture further afield with relative ease and reach superb locations from the far reaches of the Lake Natron basin to remote peaks.