Your guide will check the direction of the wind before giving you the signal to move. Crouch and try to keep your silhouette low, blended into the line of the low bushes, while beneath you, a herd of elephants plays in the river in utter abandon. For those seeking to get closer to nature and appreciate Africa’s vibrancy and sense of life, one must step out of the vehicle and enjoy a rawer, albeit slower, connection.

We offer walking safaris throughout Tanzania. Short walking safaris operate in most of Tanzania’s parks. In addition, we run longer walking safaris annually between July and October in southern Tarangire and the northern Serengeti. Old hands that want to enjoy the best wilderness experiences will venture to the remote backcountry of Katavi and Ruaha Parks. Hiking is widely available, from Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru’s famous climbs to the Ngorongoro highland trek, ending with the challenging climb up Oldonio Lengai. Multi-day horse riding safaris are operated in West Kilimanjaro and on the borders of the Serengeti.