Tanzania is open and we welcome guests. If you need a break from Covid19 and after weighing the risks, decide to come, we welcome you to the fresh air, the campfires, and the open spaces. Come and rejuvenate in our wild isolation.

Protocols and Standard COVID-19 Operating Procedures – Tanzania March 22

Our team on the ground is committed to making your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible. While we have always believed the safety of our guests is a critical component of any safari, during these uncertain times, we have implemented measures to ensure the protection of our guests and staff in the safest possible environment.

We also ensure to implement and follow SOP guidelines provided by the Government of Tanzania to the hospitality industry. Here’s a summary of Covid-19 health and safety regulations updated by the government, March 2022:

  • Travelers who are fully vaccinated will be exempted from both RT PCR and Rapid Antigen Test Requirements.
  • Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated travellers will still need to present a negative PCR obtained no more than 72 hours before departure.
  • All travellers are required to fill out a Traveller’s Heath Declaration Form 24 hours before travelling.
  • You will receive the codes generated by the online forms by e-mail. Please remember that you must present them on arrival.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory in airports and border crossings, where indicated.


Our Safety Protocols While on Safari:

While you stay with us, you will be with the same guide and vehicle, minimizing contact with people. Guests are requested to come with their face
masks, preferably disposable ones for each day on safari or washable face masks.
Your guide will also have his face mask, and if you are both comfortable with it, you may agree to remove these for the duration of the safari. We will supply you with hand sanitizer that meets CDC and WHO recommended alcohol content levels.

Your Vehicle

Your vehicle will undergo a thorough cleaning and disinfection of everything from the seat covers and cushions to all other contact surfaces before your safari.​


Lodges & Other Camps

During a safari, guests will stay in a lodge or a tented camp. We will always do our best to only book camps and lodges that adhere to best practices for prevention and control measures for Covid-19, as advised by the WHO and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health.

​Do not hesitate to contact us for additional details:
Management (Stephanie Kuerzinger) +255-677-019622
Reservations (Christine Ayo) +255-677-019622
Operations (Immaculate Msami) +255-677-019622

Guest Testimonial for Safaris July-October 2020

  • Mr. Yehuda Zahavi, Zahavi Safari - July-August 2020
    I was looking for an escape from Covid19, which was safe and fun, and reached out to Matembezi Safaris. Away from the Covid19 chaos, I enjoyed rare and unique wildlife encounters in glorious exclusivity. During our 10 day safari, we visited Lake-Natron, and then traversed the Serengeti Ecosystem from North to South. All fantastic and quite empty so we saw so much without being distracted by other cars or tourists.
    The excitement of having all this to ourselves was complemented with the luxury of having our private mobile camp set up exclusively for us in the Northern Serengeti, with a hot water shower and cold drinks. Everything was organized so well & our crew was warm and welcoming.
    Maxi and Hagai, our hosts and guides, were incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about all we saw. A veteran of many African safaris, I could not believe that I could enjoy multiple crossing of the migration on the Mara River without any other car in sight. I was so pleased that I just made a reservation to go again this December with my son’s family for another safari with Matembezi.
    Fewer tourists and more animals around, highly recommended! (especially in Covid times).
    Mr. Yehuda Zahavi, Zahavi Safari - July-August 2020
  •  Daniel and Christy Jackson - September 2020, Barlev safari - September 2020
    After a year and a half of planning for our wedding and honeymoon trip, we felt lucky that Tanzania was still open for tourism. We had an amazing and unique trip that exceeded our expectations.
    The traveling was less stressful than we anticipated as airports and airplanes to and from Tanzania were quite empty. We had an expertly guided private tour, and we rarely saw other jeeps in the parks resulting in unforgettable and life-changing wildlife experiences.
    The service was exceptional at the resorts and lodges, and the staff took all necessary safety precautions to ensure we felt comfortable the entire time.
    We felt lucky to experience Africa at this time as it will probably never be like this again. We wish we could stay in Tanzania until the world is back to normal.
    Daniel and Christy Jackson - September 2020, Barlev safari - September 2020
  • Menachem Barlev, Barlev safari - September 2020
    Thank you very much for the wonderful safari you planned and executed for me. My friends and family were surprised that I decided to travel to Tanzania in the middle of this pandemic. It turned out to be the best decision to make.
    Flights were not full and everyone was wearing a mask. In airports, people maintained social distancing. In the lodges, the staff wore masks all the time and stood ready with sanitizers when coming and going.
    The best part was the safari itself. It was like having Africa for myself. I was able to enjoy watching animals without a crowd around me or blocking the view. This was my fourth time visiting this region, it was the most enjoyable. For the tourist industry, the pandemic is a disaster however, for me, as a tourist, it was a blessing.
    Menachem Barlev, Barlev safari - September 2020
  • Judy Wine, The Wine Family - October 2020
    I had the fabulous good fortune to travel with members of my family to Tanzania during the second Covid 19 lockdown in Israel. Our trip was organized by Matembezi and surpassed all expectations.
    There was ample social distancing on the flights. During the stop-overs in Addis social distancing was made easy due to the large waiting areas in the airport. All the required precautions were taken at Kilimanjaro international airport to ensure our health and safety.
    The parks were almost empty and we felt like we had Africa to ourselves. The wildlife was superabundant and our sightings were excellent. The migration of the gnus across the Mara river was way beyond expectation. The lodges too were almost empty, the staff all wore masks and covid-19 rules and regulations were followed. We felt safe and secure health-wise and in every way throughout this very special journey. Highly recommended, especially during this pandemic!
    Judy Wine, The Wine Family - October 2020
  • Nitzan Segev, The Segev Family - October 2020

    The decision to go on a safari holiday in Tanzania during the Corona crisis turned out to be the sanest decision we’ve taken in a long time.

    Airports adhere to all COVID-19 safety rules; flights are almost empty, as are the lodges that take care of the guests and keep them perfectly safe.

    Once we got to Africa, we forgot about all of the Covid19 troubles. We felt that the wild nature of Tanzania was at our disposal with almost no other tourists around. The variety of wildlife, The ethnic experiences with the different tribes, were all amazing.

    We highly recommended starting your trip at the original Amini Maasai lodge to get in the right African mood. Matembezi’s amazing staff and experienced guide made sure we enjoyed a perfect trip. Now is a perfect time to travel to Tanzania, and this is the moment to meet nature as it should be.

    Nitzan Segev, The Segev Family - October 2020